25th November 2012 / Cloncurry Gala Ball

Cloncurry is a township situated within the Western Minerals Province of North West Queensland. In 1939 a Gala ball was celebrated in their newly built Town Hall. Years rolled by and the Dazzle Ball faded. Recently though, the Cloncurry Town Hall was fully refurbished incorporating a multi Million dollar development, thanks to the generosity of Xstrata, to become the Cloncurry Community Precinct.

To celebrate the opening, the Ball was revived and November 2012 saw over 300 people, from far and wide, descend on the close knit town to once again celebrate the Cloncurry Dazzle Ball.

It’s a privilege to be involved in an event of such historical importance as this. When the Cloncurry Shire Council asked us to travel out from Townsville to provide photography the answer was a resounding yes! It was a great atmosphere with lots of laughs, great food and excellent company.

May the Dazzle Ball go on for many years to come :-)

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