9th February 2016 / Kirwan High for Deicke Richards Architects

The new building at Kirwan State High School has transformed the school’s presentation to the community and that was very much the intention of the team at Deicke Richards Architects. A school of this size and import within the community should have a presence. At the same time, many of the other buildings in the school are much lower so it was important that the facade facing the existing buildings step down to integrate with them. I’d say they’ve achieved this admirably. I really enjoyed the opportunity to explore the building and how it changed and transformed under the light at differing times of the day.

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1st February 2013 / Brewster Hjorth Architects

Brewster Hjorth Architects did a great job redeveloping the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library at JCU Townsville. It was a real highlight for us to photograph this wonderful piece of architecture.

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