Oh boy, this is going to be fun!

Kids are great! They run and jump and play, roll in the grass and are generally cheeky. We love to play too and your kids will have the time of their life!

It’s such fun capturing imagery of children. Challenging but fun. The pace with which they move can make it tough at times to make the technology (camera) keep up with them. We’ve done it lots and love it and are happy to get down to their level and even let pull the shots, if not take the photos.

Don’t worry, if your children are more the shy retiring type we’re sensitive to that and certainly take each at their own pace, ensuring we’re not confronting them with overwhelming enthusiasm where it’s just not what’s needed.

“Classic” and “timeless” are words that you’d use with our images. Children don’t stay that way for long and our aim is to create imagery that captures this time, forever.